Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Scrap Room aka My Happy Place

I just wanted to share a few pics showing you my happy place! Enjoy!

I am so blessed to have a room all to myself! The other half of the room doubles as a guest bed and our elliptical. Even though I have to share my room, I'm still soooooo thankful to have it! (I only have my room because I have THE BEST husband in the world!!!!!)

Here is my board that keeps me organized. I have my calendar of birthdays & anniversaries posted so I will always know when to send out cards! I also have "Dates to Remember" so I will remember to create a special card or gift for an upcoming shower or party.

I am very happy with this display of my Cricut Cartridges. The plates that are holding the cartridges are a Scrap Caddy product. The plates are made to put in a box designed for Cricut cartridges and their books and overlays, so I bought the plates to store only cartridges in the box. The plates have two holes on the top so my wonderful husband suggested I hang them up instead of place them in the box. I am so happy about how it turned out. I have them alphabetized and it's easy to locate the cartridge I want, grab it, ang go! {And I'm still working on my cartridge collection.....} =)

Here is the wonderful Cricut/Jukebox space!! The cuttlebug is tucked in the back too!

Here is how I currently have my books/overlays organized. My overlays are tucked in page one of their booklet. It is pretty simple, but I'm always looking for better organization tips! So please share!

Here is just a simple view of my organization below the Cricut/Jukebox space. The bottom drawer holds my stickles and my scraps folders. Everytime I finish a project and have scraps I can save, I file them in these folders that are organized by color. Again... any storage tips for scraps are welcome!!!

There is my tools/adhesive station. I also have my magazines filed away here so I can have some inpsiration close by if I get stuck! Everytime I read through a magazine, I place a "tag" on the page that I love and want to "Scraplift" somehow!

Here is more organization that is below my tools/adhesive station. The top three drawers hold my current photos that I need to scrapbook (which is a LOT right now!!!), and my small collection of stamping items. The bottom two drawers hold my current scrapbook I am working on and all my chipboard.

Well there it is!!! Thank you for looking! Be sure and leave a comment! Leave a link to your craft space, we would all love to see it!

Happy Crafting!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Scrapbook Convention

I am so excited to be going to my very first scrapbooking convention! I will be going to the Great American Scrapbooking Convention! I cant wait!! If anyone has any tips or things for me to look out for, please share!